Frequently Asked Questions

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Does the Spotto radar only work on the left side of the truck or can it be used on both sides?

The system has been designed to be modular and can be deployed on either side of the truck. This is configured during installation. To enjoy the benefits of both sides, you will need to purchase and install 2 systems.

spotto on a truck

How complicated is the installation process and can it be fitted by any auto electrician?

The system requires only power and turn-signal connections. It can easily be installed by any competent technician familiar with fitting electrical accessories to trucks.

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How long does the average installation take?

Most installations take between 1 and 2 hours.

What is included in the box and are any specialised tools required for installation?

All the components needed for installation are included in the box and no special tools should be required. The kit includes a step-mount bracket. Other brackets and mounting accessories are available to purchase separately.

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Can the Spotto radar sensor be attached anywhere on the side of the truck?

The radar sensor must be fitted within the constraints illustrated in the installation guide: between 90cm ~ 110cm from the ground. It should also be perfectly straight – not aiming up, down, forwards or backwards. This will ensure accurate detection and minimise false alerts caused by the road, gutter or trailer.

Does the Spotto system actually prevent the truck from having a collision with another vehicle alongside in the blind spot?

No, the Spotto system is a driver aid only. It will not actively control the vehicle. The system will warn the driver with real-time visual and audible alerts of a potential collision, allowing the driver to take corrective action.

Can the system have any negative effect on the truck's electrical or CAN-Bus system?

No, Spotto only requires power, usually at the fuse box, and connection to the truck’s turn-signals. It doesn’t connect to the truck’s CAN-Bus at all.

How does the system know the truck's speed?

Spotto uses GPS to calculate the truck’s driving speed.

What happens when the truck is in a tunnel or has no GPS signal?

The system assumes the truck is driving at a speed above 30km/h and operates in the appropriate mode. (>30km/h)

Why must Spotto be connected to the truck's turn-signals?

By connecting Spotto to the turn signal indicator, the system knows when the driver is intending to change lanes or make a turn. If there is an object in the blind area, the system issues an audible alert to notify the driver of the object in the blind area.

What ongoing maintenance or servicing is required?

The Spotto radar sensor is completely enclosed. It has no moving parts and requires no maintenance or servicing.

Does Spotto work at night or in low visibility like snow, fog or rain?

Spotto uses microwave radar technology to detect objects and functions at all times and in all weather conditions.

Does the system provide a 100% guarantee to detect all objects?

As with all technology, Spotto cannot guarantee 100% accuracy. The system may not detect objects that are too small or thin. Also, some materials may reflect or absorb radar waves and have an affect on the system’s detection capabilities.