Spotto™. The Blind Spot Monitoring System For Trucks

Truck blind spots – and road users who are unaware of them – are the cause of hundreds of collisions every year.

The Spotto Blind Spot Radar is like an extra set of eyes that alerts the driver to objects in their blind spot. Combining Radar detection with visual and audible alerts, it’s an intelligent, speed-adaptive driver assistance system that lets you change lanes and manoeuvre with confidence.

11spotto blind spot radar unit
Why Spotto?

Peace of mind behind the wheel

The lack of visibility in a truck’s blind spot is not just a major safety risk, it’s a constant stress on the driver.

Spotto acts like another set of eyes, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to change lanes, turn and manouevre your truck with confidence.

  • Detects moving vehicles in blind spot at speeds over 30km/h
  • Detects static objects in blind spot at speeds under 30km/h
  • Visual indicator with audible alert when turn signal activated
  • Works in all weather conditions and visibility levels
  • Compatible with all brands of truck

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  • Australian owned and operated company
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  • Includes installation and user guide 
  • Local technical support via telephone and email

What Spotto Users Say

“Our drivers say they feel much more aware of what’s around their truck since we fitted the Spotto radars.”

Jeff Carr
Fleet Manager, Jim Pearson Transport

“It’s brilliant. Lets me know when there’s a car sneaking up alongside my truck. Couldn’t imagine driving without it now.”

Andrew F.
Cairns, QLD

“Great product and good bunch of guys to deal with. I needed support when fitting it and they helped me out over the phone. Highly recommended.”

Rob C.
Melbourne, VIC

The Spotto™ Blind Spot System


Radar mounted on truck

Spotto uses advanced microwave radar capable of detecting moving and stationary objects in all weather conditions


Hazard in blind spot

Spotto’s speed-adaptive algorithm detects moving vehicles at driving speeds and stationary objects like pedestrians at lower speeds.


Collision avoided

The Blind Spot Indicator illuminates when an object enters the system’s detection zone and audibly warns the driver if the turn signal is activated

No more driving blind.

Spotto is like an extra pair of eyes
11truck blind spot without spotto

Without Spotto

Vehicles in the truck’s blind spot can’t be seen. Other road users may not be aware you can’t see them. A collision waiting to happen.

With Spotto

When a vehicle enters the blind spot, Spotto’s Blind Spot Indicator lights up. If the driver activates the turn signal the Blind Spot Indicator flashes and emits an audible warning.

11truck blind spot with spotto

Speed Adaptive.

Spotto adapts its blind spot detection to your truck's speed. 
11highway speed blindspot detection

Stationary objects are ignored at speeds over 30km/h

Over 30 km/h

At speeds over 30km/h, the detection zone extends 3m into the adjacent lane and up to 12m alongside the truck and forward of the bonnet.

Spotto’s intelligent algorithms differentiate between moving and stationary objects, ignoring objects such as parked vehicles and guard rails, minimising false alerts.

Under 30 km/h

At speeds below 30km/h Spotto’s Turn Assist radar detection zone reduces to 1.5m x 3m, alerting the driver to both moving and stationary objects.

In Turn Assist mode Spotto will detect smaller objects including pedestrians & cyclists.

11low speed blindspot detection

The radar detection zone is reduced and stationary objects are detected at speeds under 30km/h

Engineered in Australia. Made for Trucks.

Developed with industry consultation and designed to withstand the rigours of Australian trucking.

Suits all popular brands

Whether it’s European or American, bonneted or cab-over, the Spotto radar will work with your truck – designed as a universal solution it can be retro-fitted into any make and model. 

Easy Installation

Spotto is supplied with a step-mount bracket and all the required installation hardware. With fitting instructions included, the system can be installed in only a few hours. 

A mudguard pole bracket is available seperately.

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See how smart design and lightweight, durable materials ensure the Spotto radar withstands demanding environments, while being compact and easy to fit onto any truck.

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