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Change lanes with confidence

The Spotto monitoring system acts as an extra set of eyes where you need them: in your truck’s blind spots.

Detect otherwise unseen vehicles and pedestrians in your blind spot and avoid unnecessary collisions.

Compatible with all major truck brands


Peace of mind behind the wheel

The lack of visibility in a truck’s blind spot is not just a major safety risk, it’s a constant stress on you, the driver.

Our customers constantly tell us how hard it is to see other cars, bikes and pedestrians if they’re in that blind spot.

Spotto –

  • Detects moving vehicles in blind spot at speeds over 30km/h
  • Detects static objects in blind spot at speeds under 30km/h
  • Alerts the driver with visual indicator and audible alert when turn signal is activated
  • Works in all weather conditions and visibility levels
  • Is compatible with all brands of truck

What our customers say...

“A lot of people have dash cams but very few have one where it goes down the side of the truck.


Spotto offers a system that’s cost effective and easy to install – once you fit it, it’s there for the life of the truck.


It’s only got to prevent one incident and it’s paid for itself.”

Rod Hannifey
Interstate truckie, road safety advocate & President - National Road Freighters Association (NRFA)

Our drivers say they ‘feel more aware of other vehicles around the truck’ since we fitted the Spotto system.

Geoff Carr
Fleet Manager - Jim Pearson Transport

We have been using the SPOTTO Blind Spot Radar Monitoring System on our trucks from FleetSafe for a couple of years now and we have really noticed a difference within our business.


This systems alerts our drivers in real time of potential collisions with all types of vehicles, motorcycles and pedestrians within the detection zone resulting in less cost, down time and potential for injury within our business.


I would highly recommend this system to other transport operators, they have been life changing for our business!

True Ross-Sawrey
Manager - Ross Transport

Spotto™ helps everyone get home safely.

  • Enjoy a more relaxed state of mind, knowing you can’t miss anyone in your blind spots, even when you start getting tired towards the end of a long haul.
  • Avoid accidents, subsequent injuries and costly downtime for truck repairs, which has a positive impact on your bottom line – and, not to mention, your health!
  • Safer roads mean good things for everyone who uses them. Everyone is responsible to do their part but it’s the big guys that can set the standards for the rest to look up to.

Smart technology for safer roads

  • Audible & Visual AlertsWhen a vehicle enters the blind spot, Spotto’s Blind Spot Indicator lights up. If the driver activates the turn signal the Blind Spot Indicator flashes and emits an audible warning.
  • Speed AdaptiveAt speeds over 30km/h, the detection zone extends 3m into the adjacent lane and up to 12m alongside the truck and forward of the bonnet. Below 30km/h, Spotto’s Turn Assist radar detection zone reduces to 1.5m x 3m, alerting the driver to both moving and stationary objects.
  • Smart AlgorithmsSpotto differentiates between moving and stationary objects, ignoring objects such as parked vehicles and guard rails, minimising false alerts. Below speeds of 30km/h, Spotto will detect smaller objects including pedestrians & cyclists.

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Yes – I want an extra set of eyes for my truck!

11spotto blind spot radar unit

Only $990.00 incl GST

* 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee *

* FREE delivery Australia-wide *

* Order before 1pm Mon-Fri for same day dispatch! *


“Highly recommend this system to other transport operators, is has been life changing for our business!”
Manager – Ross Transport